Cours/formations (Yoga):

2017 – Conscious Living Yin Yang Teacher Training Program (300 h), Yyoga Brussels

2018 – Yoga for Fibromyalgia TTC with Jessica Roy, Sampoorna Yoga Studio, Brussels

2019 – Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Joe Barnett (70 h), Sampoorna Studio, Brussels

2020 – Essentials of Yoga Therapy, Yoga International (8.5 hrs online)

2020 – Para Yoga Nidra with Rod Stryker, Yoga International (10 hrs online)

2021 – Veda Chanting Foundation Program (5 weeks duration) with Shantala Sriramaiah, Veda Studies (online)

Workshops :

2017 – Vocalasana, Mantra and Yoga with Maria Mannistö (Brussels)

2018 – A 2-day workshop with Martin Zillbauer (the Great Yoga Wall Training Academy) – 1- The art of Intelligent Sequencing, Approaching Intermediate Poses 2- The Art of Assists, Self-Correction and Observation 3- Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Pratyahara for Pain (Brussels)

2019 – Releasing Avidya with Annie Carpenter (Brussels)

2022 – The Essentials of Iyengar Yoga, a 6-day retreat with Lavinia Casaburo (Portugal)

Autres :

2022 – Dynamique Participative CNV avec Martine Marenne (séminaire d’introduction à la CNV), Bruxelles

2022 – Deep Flow Massage (cours de base et avancé) avec Anne Compagnon, Ecole Européenne de Massage, Bruxelles

2023 – Chi Nei Tsang (cours de base et avancé) avec Pierre-Emmanuel Canon, Ecole Européenne de Massage, Bruxelles

2023 – Coaching Ayurvédique (6 week-ends) avec John Marchand, Yoga & Ayurveda Health, Dilbeek